Rebel Assassins are a close knit group of mature players that have been playing and chatting together on Teamspeak most nights for over two years in various games. We are a European, 16+, English speaking multigaming community and have members from Ireland, Iceland, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We play for fun and competition in various FPS games and game modes but really get into playing matches against other clans. All members are expected to play matches if they are selected for the squad for that game mode.

Each of our members are great public server players in their own right with a very strong desire to win the match and we each regularly get branded as hackers by lesser players when we play on public servers. However, we do not tolelrate hacking/cheating/config stripping in any way and will blow the whistle on any hacker we come across, every time. There is just no point to cheating and it ruins the game!

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Games we play!

Call of Duty Series

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